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Welcome to the UCI Road World Championships...... Thank You for Visiting the State Employee Zone!

Virginia state employees’ source for information about the 2015 Road World Championships



What is this event?

The UCI Road World Championships are a series of 12 individual world championship road cycling races. The races are held annually, and this is the first time since 1986 they are being held in the United States. The same cyclists who race in the Tour de France will compete in the world championships, but they’ll be competing for their countries and not their trade teams. Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is competitive cycling’s governing body.

When is the event?

September 19-27, 2015

Who will be here?

About 1,000 cyclists from more than 75 countries will compete. The races are expected to draw 450,000 spectators over nine days, with more than half of those coming from outside of Central Virginia. Another 300 million fans are expected to watch the races on television.


What are the race routes?

There are four different race courses, and each encircles the area around Capitol Square from Broad Street down to Main Street, from 2nd Street over to Governor Street. Two of the courses begin at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, one from Kings Dominion in Hanover County, one from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Henrico County, and one remote start from the University of Richmond. Each course finishes on Broad Street back at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Detailed maps and videos of the race courses can be found here.

Will streets downtown be closed?

Yes, some streets will be closed during the races, and traffic will be rerouted on other streets. Check here for all road changes and closings.

How will the race impact my commute?

The schedule was designed so that races begin after morning rush hour and end before the evening rush hour. Roads will be closed an hour before the races begin and will reopen up to an hour after each finishes. Some roads will be closed, and traffic may be rerouted onto others, so your route to and from work may change. Find out more about road closures around Capitol Square here. You can find details for what to expect, including the anticipated impact of each day, here. To find information on road and ramp closures, parking and other transportation impacts outside of the Capitol Square area, go here.


What are the major road closures I should know about?

Broad Street

From 6 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11 through Wednesday, Sept. 30, Broad Street will be closed to traffic from 3rd Street to 7th Street, and on-street parking will be prohibited. Drivers are encouraged to use Leigh Street for east-west travel.


Interstate 95

Exit 74C “West Broad Street” will be closed to both northbound and southbound traffic from Saturday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Sept. 27. Interstate 95 Exit 74C “East Broad Street” will remain open to northbound traffic. Drivers on northbound I-95 are encouraged to utilize Exits 74C “East Broad Street” and 76A “Chamberlayne Ave” as alternative entry points to the city. Drivers on southbound I-95 are encouraged to use Exit 75 “Interstate 64 East Williamsburg Norfolk” and take the immediate exit ramp to “3rd Street Coliseum Convention Center.” Drivers also may access downtown and Interstate 195 North via Interstate 95 Exit 74A “Downtown Expressway,” but must be prepared to pay a toll.


I-95 northbound entrances and southbound exits 78 and 80 will be closed Saturday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Sept. 20 from one hour before the race until one hour after.


Southbound Exit 74B “Franklin St” will be closed on Thursday, Sept. 24 through Sunday, Sept. 27, from one hour before the race until one hour after.


195 Downtown Expressway

Eastbound and westbound “Belvidere Street” exits will be closed on Saturday, Sept. 19, Monday, Sept. 21, and Tuesday, Sept. 22, from one hour before the race until one hour after.



Eastbound and westbound Exit 41B “301 2 South Richmond” will be closed on Wednesday, Sept. 23, from one hour before the race until one hour after.


Pocahontas Parkway 895

Exits for “New Market Road Laburnum Ave” will be closed Saturday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Sept. 20, from one hour before the race until one hour after.


When interstate ramp closures are in effect, digital signage will be in place to direct drivers.

All other road, ramp and street closures can be found here.

What if my office and/or parking is located inside the “island?” How will I get to work?

The area that encompasses many state office buildings that is encircled by the race route each day is referred to as the “island.” This area is defined by Broad Street to the north, Main Street to the south, 2nd Street to the west, and Governor Street to the east.

Access to this area is from the south, where vehicles will be allowed to travel across Main Street at 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th streets.

Will I be able to park in my regular parking deck?

Most Department of General Services parking areas will remain open and accessible during the week. Only parkers along the Bus Loop around Old City Hall (Lot 1A), Governor Street (1B & 7) and those who park along East Grace Street (4) will be relocated. You may have to access your parking in a different way due to road closures or traffic redirection. See here for instructions on how to access each Department of General Services-maintained downtown parking deck. State employees who plan to drive should be prepared to show their state employee identification badge to access parking areas.

What if I have an emergency and need to leave work?

No problem! Even if you’re located inside the “island,” you will be able to leave downtown even as the races are going on. You will have to use the designated crossings at 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th streets. You may have to wait for cyclists to go by before the officer allows you to cross the road.

What if I take GRTC? Will it be running on schedule?

GRTC will detour some bus routes and operate alternate stops during the event. Please visit the GRTC website here for schedule information.

Will I be allowed to walk across the race routes?

Yes. Pedestrian crossings are available at each natural street intersection downtown. A course marshal will be available at many intersections to tell pedestrians when to cross.

Will all these spectators be trying to park downtown?

Organizers of the event are directing spectators to park at designated locations outside of downtown. Spectators are being asked to park at The Diamond, Old City Stadium and the Anthem surface lot. Spectators pay to park and are shuttled into downtown to view the race.

Will my parking garage be available to me for the weekends?

Yes, you will be allowed to park for free on the weekends.


If my agency uses State Mail Services, will our delivery schedule be changed?


Yes, road closures during the week will impact the ability of State Mail Services (SMS) to pick up and deliver mail to state agencies. From Monday, Sept. 21, through Friday, Sept. 25, SMS will make only one daily pick up/delivery to each mail stop.



Can I change my work schedule that week?

Talk to your supervisor and human resources coordinator about your work options, such as teleworking and schedule adjusting. More information can be found here. Keep in mind that all the action will be downtown, so you may not want to miss it!

How can I get involved?


State employees will have plenty of options to get involved in the festivities, from translation and volunteer opportunities to special events. More information can be found here.


If I want to volunteer do I need to let my agency know?

Yes, all volunteering must be approved by your supervisor to use the maximum 16 hours designated for Executive Branch agency employees.


Will employees be able to use School Assistance and Volunteer Service Leave or Civil and Work-Related Leave to volunteer to work the race?

No, however employees in the Executive Branch who obtain approval from their supervisor in advance may volunteer to support the 2015 UCI Road World Championships up to a maximum of 16 work hours during the entire event. This time will be treated the same as regular work time and not as leave. Employees who volunteer to work the race should make sure to download the Volunteer Documentation Form here and must document their time away from scheduled work as a bona fide 2015 UCI Road World Championships volunteer.




Will there be other activities during the week?

Absolutely! In addition to the world-class races, there will be fan zones and other entertainment for fans. More information can be found at

What is the State Employee Zone?


This zone is located at the patio of the Madison Building located off Governor Street. There will be food trucks for purchasing food (portions going to the CVC) and state employees will provide entertainment.

Where do I get tickets for the Conquer the Cobbles ride? Is there a cost to participate in these races?

There are two ways to get your tickets. Go here to register today. There is a cost associated with this race. Or you can enter here for a chance at free entry to the event.

Will my favorite food carts be in their usual location?

No, but  there will be food available at the Employee Zone on the Madison Building plaza, in the Fan Zones (one is located on Broad Street) and in the FanFest inside the convention center.

Will my family members be able to watch the race from the building where I work?

Check with your agency.

I would like to buy a #VABikeReady wristband. Who do I contact?

Contact your agency’s CVC representative. All proceeds go to ChildFund International, the official charity of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships.



Will my building be locked down that week?

Accessibility to all Department of General Services-owned buildings will not change during the week of the race. Employees should keep their state employee identification badges with them at all times to access buildings and parking areas.  Visitors must sign in with security to enter.

Will there be a more noticeable police presence?

Yes. Sworn law enforcement personnel at the local, state and federal level are working together to plan security for this event. Safety tips can be found here.

Will I need my state employee badge to access my parking or building?

Yes. Plan on keeping your badge with you at all times. For information on how to obtain a badge or to report that yours was lost or stolen, call 786-5675.



How can I stay up-to-date with information about the race?

Follow us on Twitter (@VaBike2015) for updates leading up to and during the race. Also, check the website often, as well as

Who do I contact with questions?

If this website doesn’t answer all your questions about the race and how it will affect your week, see the list of contacts here.